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Beijing City Central Business District

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Beijing City CBD

The Central Business District of Beijing City , Beijing City CBD District or (Simplified Chinese: 北京 商务 中心 区, Traditional Chinese: 北京 商务 中心 区, pinyin: Beijing Zhongxin Shangwu QU) is the most important area of ​​finance, media and business services Beijing, China. Beijing CBD occupies 3.99 km2 Chaoyang District on the east side of town. Geographically located east of downtown, between the 3rd And 4th ring road Ring Road, Beijing CBD is currently extensive development work.

Beijing City CBD

Beijing City CBD

Beijing CBD Living Guide

Living in Beijing CBD, life is very convenient.

Beijing CBD Hotel – Most business hotels located at Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD Restaurant –  There are many restaurant located at Beijing CBD.

Beijing CBD Bar – The top bar street in Beijing are Beijing Sanlitun bar street and Beijing Houhai bar street, but there are also many bars and clubs at Beijing CBD.

Beijing CBD Dental –  There are several good dentists at Beijing CBD.

Beijing CBD Apartment – Almost all of Beijing’s luxury apartments are concentrated in the Beijing CBD.

Beijing CBD Cafe – About to go with a few business customers have a sit, Beijing CBD has several nice cafes.

Beijing CBD Kindergarten – If you live in Beijing CBD, your kids can also choose the nearby kindergarten.

Beijing CBD Clinic

Beijing CBD Shopping – Some big shopping mall and shopping market located in Beijing CBD, such as the Beijing Saite Shopping Centre and Beijing Silk Market…

Beijing CBD Business – Almost all of Beijing big business and big company headquarters are located at Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD Massage – If you want to relax, there are several massage places for you in Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD SPA – After your business work at Beijing CBD, do a SPA to relax yourself, to enjoy life.

beijing cbd

Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD

While Beijing has become one of the most important international financial centers in China, Beijing CBD has recently positioned as secondary to the central area of ​​Beijing International Financial Center Development Strategic Plan May was published in 2008.

Beijing CBD core area

Beijing CBD core area is 38 acres at the intersection of Street and East Third Ring Road Jianguomenwai. This forum is expected that almost all existing buildings will eventually be deleted and replaced with 1.3 million square feet mixed-use. The master plan takes into account two important characteristics of the CBD Master Plan determined. The first is a green belt of open space to public, while the CBD, CBD-core bisector is to operate in a north-south direction. The second is a proposed greenway, which cut the core CBD in an east-west direction. For the intersection of these two elements in the core of the CBD on a proposed Central Park and a boulevard with a second east-west road all serve to complement the urban fabric and thus ensure that the core CBD both learn from each other and to that contribute to the life surrounding the city.

At the intersection of Boulevard and Central Park, marking the epicenter of the base of the CBD, sits above the four office towers, totaling 275 meters. A public glazed conservatory with views over the city lies at the top of the tower. Three more rounds, embodies the same geometry as the Central Park Tower, but simpler in form, are in series on both sides of the boulevard positioned to take advantage of the facade are taking this broad tree-lined open space, while strengthening its role as an important circulation of spine from the base of the CBD. In their group, tour Central Park Boulevard and Tower of good relations with landmark nearby: the main tower of the World Trade Center of China to the west and bold sculptural form of the CCTV building in the north.

beijing cbd

Beijing CBD – CCTV

Beijing CBD is also always the center of the Chinese media as Beijing Television Station (BTV) has just moved into Beijing CBD. The new headquarters (Beijing TV Center) in this area and the new CCTV headquarters is nearing completion of the end of 2008.

The curved shapes, by establishing the inner surfaces of the perimeter block the distinctiveness of the CBD as the basis of location, while offering flexibility for a variety of mixed uses in the course of time created. While ensuring the coherence and readability of the plan leaves plenty of opportunity for builders and architects of individual buildings on these kinds of expression that contribute to the core of a dynamic model that delivers 21st CBD Century urban planning.

Decided to accelerate in the eight years since the Beijing government the construction of the district, the Beijing CBD has 117 companies on the Fortune-500 dressed in the areas of finance, media, information technology, consulting and services company. About 60 percent of companies with foreign capital in Beijing in the CBD. The majority of foreign embassies in Beijing – the No 1 No 2 and No 3 embassy districts are located in downtown Beijing and focuses its surrounding areas.

The Beijing CBD Administrative Committee, established in 2001, is responsible for planning and management and aims to facilitate investments and improve working conditions for the Committee professionals.The provides information for investors on laws, taxes and state policy and a one-stop has simplified service, licensing procedures and high efficiency.

The establishment of the Beijing CBD Chamber of Finance, the Beijing CBD Chamber of Media Industry and Beijing CBD Association of Property Management & Real Estate Development has facilitated communication and cooperation between government and industry. Beijing CBD International Business Festival and Beijing CBD International Forum, Beijing CBD has set worldwide on the map.

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