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Temple of Earth

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Ditan Park

The Ditan Park in Beijing also name of Temple of the Earth and the Chinese call it 地坛公园 in the northern part of central Beijing, near of the Beijing Lama Temple. The Temple of Earth was built in the Chinese Ming Dynasty at Jiajing emperor nine years (in 1530). It is the second large altar in Beijing. ( The largest altar in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven )

Temple of Earth

Temple of Earth Archway

Temple of Earth Archway is the first building the main gate of Ditan Park.

Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasties the two generations of emperors went to Ditan would first pass through the archway, and then into the Ditan altar to pray.

The Ditan Arch with the Summer Palace east gate Archway is two biggest Arch in Beijing.

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Temple of Earth Ditan Park Ticket  – RMB 2 (adults), RMB 1 (students).

Temple of Earth Ditan Park Location – A2, Andingmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District
Temple of Earth Ditan Park Chinese Address – 东城区安定门外大街甲2号

Temple of Earth Ditan Park Open Time – Daily 6am-9pm

Temple of Earth Ditan Park Tel 6421 4657

Earth Temple Park Contact – http://www.dtpark.com

Ditan Temple Fair

Ditan temple fair was initiated in 1985, has been successfully held 28 sessions. Visit Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair during the Chinese New Year is the old customs in Beijing. Ditan temple fair of spring festival is the earliest temple fair in Beijing and the Ditan Temple Fair is famous in Beijing with it authentic and traditional folk characteristics.

Ditan Temple Fair

The temple fair is the largest folk activities during the Chinese spring festival. During the Spring Festival, Temple of Earth will held 7 days  temple fair, with Spring Festival Shopping, Spring Festival Snacks, Entertainment etc..

What to see in the Ditan Temple Fair

1. Royal folk custom culture in the Ditan Park
2. Beijing local life – In Beijing winter, citizen with children, parents, to the Ditan temple fair is a big pleasure during the spring festival.
3. Ditan Temple Fair snacks also is a big sign Ditan temple fair.

Ditan Park Book Fair

Beijing Ditan Park Book Fair held each year in the fall, winter, spring season

The Ditan Park Book Fair holding time is as follows:

● the Spring Book Fair ( From April 25th to May per year )

● book fair in the fall (From September to October per year )

● winter book (From November to December per year)

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