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When is the Winter in Beijing ?

beijing winterIf you are planning to a Beijing Tour in the winter, You should know somethings about the winter season in Beijing. China put in December, January and February the official winter time, have a look if you do during travel in China. For a Beijing China Tour the most notably, Chinese New Year is the biggest event for Chinese, occurring in winter. Commonly known as the ” Spring Festival “, it looks forward to the arrival of spring, although it usually occurs in the dead of winter.

tours Beijing Winter Weather

Beijing winter weather is dry and cold, and sometimes windy, so keep warm and drink plenty of water to prevent dry skin.
At night and morning in Beijing winter is the coldest time foe the whole day.

tour beijing Beijing Winter weather and temperature

Winter in Beijing is cold, Beijing winter nighttime temperatures were mostly below zero degrees, daytime temperatures around 1 degrees.

tour beijing Beijing Winter Climate

beijing tour package weather

Beijing winter climate is dry, some tourist will not  feel very uncomfortable for the dry climate, so  to drink enough water, and you can bring balm to avoid chapped lips.

On the right side is Beijing today weather, for your reference.

tours Beijing Winter Clothes

At least you have to take down jacket, and thermal underwear, Beijing evening and morning especially cold, sometimes windy, so travel in Beijing at the winter season must wear thick clothes with thicker shoes, best to wear sneakers for hiking the Great Wall.

tour beijing Beijing Winter Ski Tour

Beijing Feeling Tour Service offer Beijing ski tours for tourist travel to Beijing in the winter season.

beijing ski tour   muslim beijing ski tour

tours Beijing Winter Travel Guide

beijing winter climateThe following is some of Beijing Winter Travel Guide easy for you winter travel to Beijing.

tour beijing When is the Beijing Winter Season

The Winter in Beijing is the longest season, from the early November to March will be the Beijing Winter Season.

tour beijing Beijing Winter Temperatures

Winter in Beijing is not only a cold and dry season, but the Beijing Winter is the longest season in Beijing from the early November to March in the Beijing Winter Season. In the cold winter, although the sun was shining but still cold. In the winter of December, January and February, the average temperature in Beijing is lower than 0° C ( 32 ° F ). The following is the Beijing Winter Temperatures easy for your Beijing Winter Tours.

Beijing Winter Month Avg. Day Temperatures Avg. Night Temperatures Avg. Rain
January 2° C -9° C 0 cm
February 4° C -7° C 1 cm
March 11° C -1° C 1 cm
November 10° C 0° C 1 cm
December 3° C -7° C 0 cm

The January, February, March, November, December is the winter season in Beijing.

tour beijing Beijing Winter Time

Now, Beijing use same time for the whole year, without winter time now.

tour beijing Beijing Winter Tourism

Travel Beijing in the Winter season, must wear wool sweater and deep eider down is needed. Tropical countries tourists may find that the weather in Beijing is very cold. For the Winter sports enthusiasts will enjoy the snow mountain ski. Tourist will be like to celebrate Chinese New Year in January or February. The traditional Chinese festival will have many Chinese local community activities, the city of Beijing is the best tourism city for the Winter visitors from abroad.

beijing winter tour beijing winter tour

tours Beijing Winter Festival

Beijing winter is travel off-season, but however during the Beijing winter holidays, there are still many tourists travel to Beijing, so try to avoid winter holiday travel to Beijing to avoid the peak period of Beijing tourism.

tour beijing Beijing Winter Christmas Day

Winter time visit BeijingChristmas in Beijing China is not a statutory holiday, generally will not be a official holiday in China, however, Don’t despair! There’s plenty of Christmas day celebrating activities in Beijing China so if you find yourself traveling in Beijing China over the Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to find a lot of the pageantry around Christmas, though the religious aspects are largely missing. A commercial celebration in China, you’ll find hotels and shopping malls decked with trees and lights. Traditions from all over the world are represented in different hotels so you’ll be able to spend a happy Christmas day in China. Enjoy Christmas in China.

Notably, the Christmas period, because of the large amount of English tourists to travel to Beijing, so if you intend to Christmas to travel to Beijing, pay attention to book in advance, so to ensure a English tour guide for you and your family.

tour beijing Chinese New Year in Beijing

beijing winter holidayChinese New Year also called China Spring Festival is the biggest event in the year.The Chinese spring festival begins on the first day of the first month in the traditional Chinese calendar and ends with the Lantern Festival, on 15 Day. During the Spring Festival to Beijing China tourism has many worthwhile a see and worth a visit. Playing firecrackers, visiting the temple fairs, is part of the spring festival, in essence, Chinese New Year is spending time with family, the whole family together to make dumplings. If you intend to travel to Beijing in the Spring Festival, notably if no reservations are almost impossible to find the driver and tour guide.

tour beijing Chinese Lantern Festival in Beijing

The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month, usually in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. People will eat sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour at the Lantern Festival.

This colorful festival closes to the Chinese New Year holidays. During The Lantern Festival, dance performances as a dragon lantern, a lion dance, a dance boat land, Yangge dance, stilt walking, dancing and drumming will take place. During the night, except for magnificent lanterns, fireworks form a beautiful scene. Most families save the fireworks for the Spring Festival and had the Lantern Festival. Some local governments even organize a fireworks party. The event is usually marked by hundreds of colorful lanterns that are best seen at night – but can also be enjoyed during the day.

Winter Solstice Festival  travel winter beijing tour

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  1. I want to see the winter in Beijing.I heard that Beijing in winter do not has a large number of tourists.the city is full of the history in the Forbidden city.It is great!

  2. I have never been to Beijing before.but I always see the Chinese lantern festival in TV.It is really beautiful in my eyes.and I want to take part in the Chinese traditional festival when it is winter in Beijing.

  3. The sweet dumpling which is used to celebrate the Lantern festival is very delicious.I hope that I could eat it once more.I want to have a tour in winter in Beijing.

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