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Beijing Madian Mosque

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madian mosque

Madian Mosque Gate

Madian Mosque

Madian Mosque total area of ​​more than 3800 square meters, the new repair paint yellow two crimson door particularly striking.Inlaid in the north side of the wall – white rectangular plaque marked Madian Mosque is a key cultural relics protection units of the Beijing City.

Madian Mosque Address: No. 7, Madian Nancun (Northwest of Madian Bridge)

Madian Mosque Phone: +86 10 620100008

Madian Mosque History

Madian Mosque was built at the time of Chinese Emperor Kangxi, gradually became famous ancient mosque in Beijing, reportedly only after the Niujie Mosque, famous broadcast to Mongolia Hohhot. The giant stone at Madian Mosque records at that time Madian Mosque business was booming scene.

Madian Mosque Trees

There are many old trees in the Madian mosque. The old trees are the trunk coarse, flourish. According to the imam said, in the courtyard there is a old cooper than a hundred years.

beijing Madian mosque pray hall

Madian mosque pray hall

Madian Mosque Architecture

The Madian mosque architecture is a typical Chinese traditional courtyard style building.

Third courtyard is the temple’s main prayer hall.

Courtyard West for the main hall, nine steps between the sixteen main hall, the Great Hall of the palace of cave type, with Chinese characteristics Islamic architecture.

Outside the hall, left, right side is the North-South forum. The mosque has beautiful decoration – bright color, beautiful jade. Standing in the courtyard.

The Mosque West Hall, solemn, in order, got nine steps into the three room annex, first of all to see is the north and south sides respectively have Bao Xia middle vertical line of the plaque, in antique plaque on writing a poetic couplet.

The Great Hall of worship within simple elegance, maintain one’s original pure character, especially the main hall in front of the temple is a holy place in the kiln. The worship hall is covered with green carpet, in the blue carpet and laying a row of colorful stripe color carpet, not only provides convenience for Muslim worship, and the worship hall with a solemn silence. The walls inside the prayer hall hung with Arabic writing various plaque, the roof hanging chandelier and ceiling fan.

Madian Female Muslim Mosque

Madian mosque for Muslim women worship female chapel, Lady Chapel is located on the north side of the prayer hall, in the chapel can be heard Imam sermon and led worship.

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