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Where to Eat in Beijing

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Where to Eat in the Best Beijing Restaurant

where to eat in beijing

Where to eat in Beijing

The best way to eat well and cheaply in Beijing City is to one of the restaurants where the Beijing local people eating there and those restaurants in Beijing are the ubiquitous and pick up a few different dishes from the menu. The truth will find someone familiar with Western currencies and prices for eating in Beijing is very different for food, especially when you consider that tipping is not practiced in China.

Sometime to visit a Beijing local street restaurant is not bad, such as the Guijie Restaurant street in Beijing.

This page is only  give you a general introduction for you eating  in Beijing

If you want to choose the best restaurant that really suit for you, you should visit the page – Restaurant in Beijing.

travel beijing dining guide Beijing Restaurant – The most complete, most detailed, Beijing Restaurant Information

Where to Eat Cheap and Delicious Food in Beijing City

Some of the cheap and delicious meals on the road.

eat beijing

travel beijing dining guide Delicious pancakes (煎饼 果子 Jiānbĭng guŏzi) are one of the most popular street snacks, eating from morning to night, with most operating systems in the car during the morning, and then open again at night after-club crowd and night owls. This delicious pancakes with an egg in the pan, fried dough cooked crisp, and everything flowed into the onion and spicy sauce. Hot sauce is optional. Die-hard fans often go to find the best shops in town. This should only cost 2 yen, with an additional egg 2.50 yen.

travel beijing dining guide Lamb Kebab (羊肉 串 儿 yángròu chuànr) kebabs and other grilled on makeshift benches around Beijing, from evening until late at night. Wangfujing has a “snack street” sale of such mundane dishes such as lamb, chicken and beef, and some types of noodle dishes like Sichuan-style rice noodles, but the brave can sample spit the silkworm, scorpion, and various organs of all on a stick and grill to order.

travel beijing dining guideWinter specialty, candied hawthorn berries (冰 糖葫芦 bīngtáng Hulu) dipped in sugar and are sold on a stick. You can also variations with oranges, grapes, strawberries and bananas, or immerse yourself in the crumbled peanuts and sugar. This sweet snack can sometimes even in spring and summer, but often from the hawthorn berry harvest find last season.

Where to the Eating Street Restaurant in Beijing City

Guijie or Ghost Restaurant Street (Guǐjiē 簋 街 / 鬼 街) the most famous streets for food in China, Guijie District is from west to east along Dongzhimen Street. The street called Dongzhimen Nei Dong Dajie Jiaodaokou from a bridge on the second ring road, Chaoyang. Red lanterns, traditional courtyards, hundreds of restaurants along the street. Eating on the Ghost Road is more than food. Guijie is a way of life for many Beijingers.

Where to Eat Beijing Duck

eat in beijingThe well-known specialty of Beijing is served at many restaurants, but there are quite a few restaurants dedicated to art of roasting the perfect duck. Expect to pay at about 40 yen for a whole duck in the budget range of institutions, and ¥ 160-190 yen for high-end restaurants. Peking Duck (Beijing 北京 烤鸭 Kăoyā) is served with thin pancakes, plum sauce (甜面酱 tianmian Jiang) and slices of green onions and cucumbers. You dip the duck into the sauce and put it in a pancake with a few pieces of green onion and / or cucumbers. The end result is a delicious mix of cool crispness of the cucumbers, the sharpness of the onion, and creamy duck.

Quanjude Beijing Duck (全聚德 Quanjude), 32 Qianmen Dajie (前门 大街 32 号), ☎ +86 10 6510 9608th Daily 11.30 clock-2: 30 and up from 4.30 Clock 08.00. The oldest and most prestigious restaurants roast duck, slides Quanjude these days, but his reputation still brings a lot of clients, mostly tourists, who tend to the “classical” experience. Ducks each cost 199 yen and ¥ 99 for a half duck, the quality of the situation. Metro: Line 2 to Qianmen. Bus: 2, 120, 726, 826, 803 to Qianmen. The most influential of the 14 branches of Quanjude Qianmen places listed. Other branches of the Hepingmen (south of the U-Bahn station), in the eastern part of the Tiananmen Square and the Tsinghua Science Park near Wudaokou.

Dadong Beijing Duck Restaurant (大 董 烤鸭 店 Dadong Kăoyā Dian). Daily from 11.00 to 10.00 clock. As some of the best Peking duck in town, this upscale restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere. Reservations recommended.
Tuanjiehu Beikou branch, Chaoyang District, Tuanjiehu Beikou Bldg 3, 3rd Beef Road (3 号楼 团结 湖北 口, 东 三环 长虹 桥西南角), ☎ +86 10 6582 2892nd
Dongsi Shitiao industry, Dongsi Shitiao 22A, Bldg. 1-2 of Nanxin Kahn International Tower (东四十条 甲 22 号 南 新 仓 国际 大厦 1-2 楼).

Bianyifang Beijing Duck(便宜 坊 Biànyìfăng).
Xingfu Dajie branch, Chongwen District 36 Xingfu Dajie (崇文区 幸福 大街 36 号), ☎ +86 10 6711 6545th
Tiantan Branch, 73 Tiantan Dong Lu (天坛 东路).
Chongwenmen Wai Dajie branch 2A Chongwenmen Wai Dajie (崇文 门外 大街 甲 2 号).

Where to Eat Hot Pot in Beijing City

 eat in beijingBeijing is famous for its lamb stew with vegetables (涮羊肉 Shuang Yang Row), which were originally known from the Manchu people, and stresses the lamb on the other meats. As variants of the stew with vegetables (the common name 火锅 Ho Kuo) from other countries in China and Japan, lamb stew with vegetables is a cook-it-yourself affair in a couple of pot in the middle. In contrast, stew, Sichuan, lamb stew with vegetables, very tasty, not spicy broth. If this is not exciting enough for you, you can also create a spicy broth (remember, this is a fiery red, with pepper, but not filled for the weak!). To avoid risks and satisfy everyone, you can create a Yin-Yang (阴阳 Yinyang) Application pot is divided into two halves, with a spicy broth on one side and a regular broth on the other.

Raw materials are purchased on a plate. In addition to lamb, beef and seafood, it also includes a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, noodles and tofu, so it is quite possible to have vegetarian stew with vegetables. Dipping sauce, usually, sesame, served as well, you can chilies, garlic, coriander, etc., to your own sauce. Although the “raw” sounds dangerous, cooking the meat itself, this is the best way to cook the meat like pork and risky to provide completely free of germs. In the center of the city, pot can work as much as ¥ 40 – ¥ 50 per person, and in the suburbs can be found all over ¥ 10 – ¥ 25th

Dong Lai Shun Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant (Dong Lai Shun 东来顺).

Dong Lai Shun Open Time : Daily from 11.00 to 14.00 clock Clock and 5-9.

This hot pot restaurant is Beijing since 19 Century have been. Founded Hui (Muslim ethnic), serves halal meat Donglaishun of high quality lamb and beef. Also used to cook cooked dishes, including traditional sweets Beijing.
Dong Lai Shun Wangfujing branch, Dongcheng District, 198 Wangfujing Dajie (东城 区 王府井 大街 198 号), ☎ +86 10 6513 to 9661st Metro: Line 1 to Wangfujing
Dong Lai Shun – New Oriental Shopping Plaza Branch, 5 Floor of the Sun Dong’an (New Oriental Sun) shopping area, Tiananmen Square.
Dong Lai Shun Haidian Branch, 25 Yiheyuan Lu, 颐和园 路 25 号, Haidian District.

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