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Exchange Money in Beijing

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Travel to Beijing ?

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What Money can be used in Beijing ?

Where to exchange Money in Beijing ?

exchange money in beijing

Currency exchange in Beijing China is a very simple operation. The yuan or renminbi or RMB, the currency for China. Renminbi means “people’s money.” The RMB exchange rate change for each day in China. Chinese Money Rate fluctuates daily, so do not be surprised. Most tourist will change money at Beijing airport or his hotel.

How to Exchang Money in Beijing China ?

What is the best way to exchange money in Beijing ?

How much is the commission fee for charge money in Beijing ?

What i should take Credit Card? Traveler Check? Or Cash?

change money in beijing

There are 5 ways to exchange RMB in Beijing :

1. The best place to Exchange Money in Beijing is the Beijing airport

Currency conversion for airport banks.The a better place exchange in Beijing, upon arrival at Beijing airport arrivals area. It ‘just before you leave the arrivals hall door and into the terminal. On the side is a Bank of China. If you leave the arrival gate, you can not go.

The 4 banks can exchanges money at Beijing airports are Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, and the Construction Bank of China.

2.The best way to exchange money in Beijing is at your Hotel

Most star hotels in Beijing can exchange money for you. Change money at the hotel. This is the most conveninet way the exchange money in Beijing. However some hotels in Beijing can not exchange money for you, and even some 5 stars hotel, they refuse to change to much RMB for you.

3. By Beijing ATM, you can exchange money by yourself

ATMs are widely available, although only some work with international cards. Look for machines with the logo of the card system. Bank of China machines accept international credit cards and seem to be reliable and easy to use.

4. The Bank of China is the best China Bank for you exchange money in Beijing.

Bank of China, is calculated for the control of any other traveler and not pay transaction fees. 7-24 is also open seven days a week. Once you leave the arrivals gate, there are additional costs for the exchange of all banks, including Bank of China. Chinese banks in foreign exchange from Monday to Friday, not only on the weekends. All banks are open 7 days a week, but did not reach an agreement on currencies. We reached twice during the weekend and nearly full of cash.

In summary we can say that the exchange of money in the halls of banks in China do not receive commissions, but only work for you Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 04.00 hrs. A commission is charged by the ATM and choices for the exchange of money, but work 24 hours a day.

5. Travelers’ checks can be used at Beijing airport bank

The travelers ‘checks can be used at the banks of the airport – about 0.75% cash rate in China.

Beijing Money Exchange Tip :

ATM fraud is not the case in China, although not a big problem. Otherwise, the cover of the keyboard to enter your password and select a machine that will make you feel safer. An ATM at a bank or an airport is safer than a hole in the wall.

You have to be careful, because counterfeiting is a bit ‘found in China today.

Note that many parts of China, and small towns do not accept credit cards or travelers’ checks and not accept RMB. Need cash.

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