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What to buy in Beijing

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What things to buy in Beijing ?


Visit Beijing go shopping is part of your Beijing travel itinerary.

Beijing is the capital of China. There are many things to sale in the city of Beijing, then waht things to buy in Beijing?

Here we give your some suggestions.

Buy Beijing Craftworks

Beijing was the old cultural center of China, there are many that consummateskills carvingand from generation to generation, like cloisonné, ivory, jade sculpture. These trades across their thickness is styleare the best selection of souvenirs for visitors. You can choose one or twoof for yourself or your friends or films antiquemarkets stores in Beijing.

To buy Jade Carvings in Beijing

what to buy in beijing jade carvingsThis material was the most valuable Chinese for carving smaller figures, and the material has always been jade. The Chinese word for jade, Yu, applies not only to the minerals jadeite and nephrite, but also means “beautiful”, “pure” and “noble” and “Stone of Status symbol.”This is why the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games medal made with jade material .

Remember, only two minerals internationally accepted as jade are nephrite and jadeite. For working consumes on the Jade carvings is hard and need time, because it is extremely difficult. There is now, but it worked for centuries. It is very difficult to Identification of the quality of the jade。

The Chinese consider jade as a stone from heaven, and who appreciate the colors of the texture hard, cold and clear.

To buy Cloisonne in Beijing

Cloisonne is also known that the enamel is a type of machining of copper. His first appearance in Beijing in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) enforced. Cloisonne is a perfect combination of copper and porcelain. It is determined using copper as the base material of brass son with the body of copper in some drawings. And blue enamel is applied over brass. After a series of complex procedures, such as burning, polishing and gilding is done cloisonné. This process can be used to make items such as hats, lamps, smoking sets and other ships of all sizes and shapes.

To buy Ceramic in Beijing

To buy ceramic in Beijing

7000 years of history of Chinese ceramics continues to this day continues to flourish and all. The Chinese invented porcelain and tightly held secrets of its production for hundreds of years. It was a favorite subject of trade with the Middle East and the West. The old and the current is sold almost everywhere in Beijing from the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen, southwest of Shanghai, was the first production of porcelain in China, producing most of the famous Imperial Dynasty porcelain of the Ming and Qing. Museums around the world, home to some of these beauties.

Exports of real antiquities is allowed without special permission from the government these days. However, making a special sealing wax, generally red, which means the resolution. Many of these products can be found in state stores. The certificate is also provided to allow legal export. Buying antique porcelain without the seal or proper documentation can be risky.
This may be a fake, or could be a grave robber at some point, so do not steal and export refund can be removed at the output of China.

Reproductions of the Ming and Qing sale, but they are named as such, and prices are not bad.

Many other beautiful ceramic objects, such as the famous “purple clay” Yixing teapots or acquisition. Some of them come in sets of cups. Learn Chinese tea ceremony, unlike the Japanese. Yixing teapots in many shapes and designs, such as tea connoisseurs and buying worldwide. Excellent!

To buy Embroidery in Beijing

Embroidery is a popular art of the most original of China. According to many historical accounts, embroideries were in dresses, skirts and other apparel for 4000 years. History of silk embroideries parallel as most of the embroidery was done in silk thread.

The development of embroidery on clothing and the imperial court were added that were the most difficult is carried out during the reign of the Qing dynasty, but make sure that the Yuan and Ming.

To buy Carpets in Beijing

Carpet factory in Beijing to make a tight weave fine woolen carpets. With the help of a knife or a tool specially designed scissors are sometimes different patterns to emphasize the design of the carpet.

Silk rugs are made in other parts of China, and these rugs can be modeled, but not always. The charm of silk carpet is that it only has one eye, but in reverse from start to finish, shades of substantially adding to the beauty of change. Silk the most luxurious of all the carpet.

New silk and wool carpets are sold in many places in Beijing, and from ancient times. Beautiful traditional Chinese style rugs can make a dragon and phoenix design. Many carpets are available at reasonable prices and can be both carpets and upholstery, and use.

There are many quality levels of carpets. Always check the back of the carpet should not be covered with a cloth. Ask how many knots there are per square inch, and ask to see examples of each. The greater the number of knots per square inch, the carpet better and more expensive.
Most carpets are produced cars, but some are still made by hand, and can be very expensive. Deliveries can be made, but most carpets can be folded and packed to take the plane. Buyers of options. Planning a tour of the factory, where more knowledge before a major purchase is not necessary.


Buy Beijing local products

The special arts and silk of Beijing have been known to the world since long time ago. Handicrafts art is a traditional art in china. Beijing has several famous Chinese Medicine center. Kites in Beijing is very popular

To buy Silk in Beijing

what to buy in beijing silkFor over 5,000 years of history of silk and the history of China have been linked. Production methods have been carefully kept secret for most of those years. For centuries, silk has been one of the most important position in China’s trade surplus. Hard to believe, but the little silkworm cocoon get an incredible two kilometers of silk thread.

The shops of friendship and tourism government are the best choice to buy from a wide selection and good properties.
You can be sure to buy pure silk in these stores. It’s so obvious.

To buy China Medicine in Beijing

what to buy in beijing China MedicineThe system of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years and is more popular than ever in the world. Over 90% of traditional Chinese medicines derived from plants. Other sources of mineral or animal origin. Some of the animals is quite controversial.

Chinese medicine hospitals and pharmacies sell herbal remedies in the form of tablets or tonic form. Make an appointment at the hospital, and your “pulse read” and prescription products before buying, if you know what you’re doing and know that you want to record. Some pharmacies that sell drugs are assigned and “doctors” of employees that read “pulse and can be.

To buy kites in Beijing

There are many places to sale Kites in Beijing. You can visit to the market Kite must be one of the most colorful and experience authentic Beijing. The colors of kites alone is worth it for photo shoots. The vendors in this market will certainly not harass you to buy their products. You are much more likely to be rewarded with friendly smiles and happy to pose for pictures or just explain why you should buy their goods wonderful.

To buy Chops in Beijing

what to buy in biejing chopsChina’s most popular business to buy a steak, or personal printing, for themselves or their family and friends. Many large hotels offer this service, and demonstrations in the lobby.

Chop, not a signature is used in official documents or personal matters for centuries in China .. From ancient imperial times to the present state institutions, the use of common chops. Chops are carved from various types of stone, jade, wood, metal or ivory in recent years.

Some chops is very easy, others may have Chinese Zodiac figures, led, making it even more personal. The names are engraved on the end of CHOP. Usually carvers have a list of English names for Chinese equivalents are available. Be sure to buy a small container of red ink is used along with it. The sculptors are instructions for clearing your impression as well.

Buy Culture products in Beijing

Beijing is the culture center in China, so you can buy some culture products in Beijing.

To buy Antiques in Beijing

what to buy in beijing antiquesBeijing has been hundreds history for China capital so attracts antique hunters from around the world. Before you think, buy, learn about the subject. There are plenty of streets with antique shops, and streets of Beijing Cultural Liulichang Curio City, and with over 250 stores under one roof.

In China, some in the period before 1949 is considered as antiques. Antiques that are currently illegal until 1795 for the sale or export. Who should be of 1796-1949 with a small red wax seal and a certificate for export of the relics of the Beijing Office of Cultural Monuments (BCRB), so they are from China, and also confirms the authenticity Product. Do not lose your receipt and / or certificates. On leaving China, one might ask, if any, to buy antiques, and luggage can be checked at the whim of Customs of China .. Products that are purchased antiques, but they have a stamp or certificate request BCRB and should be taken, but can be a long process, but not tonight. The government owned everything you need to save the buyer must provide.

Clothing furniture, porcelain, calligraphy scrolls, paintings, scrolls, and jade are the most popular purchases.

To buy Painting and Calligraphy Scrolls in Beijing

Chinese painting and calligraphy scrolls are traditionally mounted and framed.

Landscape painting is the most respected subject of painting in China. You can find and calligraphy for sale throughout Beijing, at any age, quality and price. Most custom fields to be safe enough to transport.

What other things to Buy in Beijing.

what to buy in beijing pearl

Beijing is the capital in China. Every year People from all provinces in China to Beijing ( They only for shopping in Beijing ), those tourist will buy jewelry, necklace and pearl…

To buy Pearl in Beijing

Chinese freshwater pearls in southern China have resulted in more than 90% of global freshwater pearls totals. The South China Sea Pearl Hepu or better than other cultured pearls and more.

There are pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins are sold everywhere, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes and colors and nuances. Do not confuse this with the Japanese cultured pearl with salt water.

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