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Travel in China by Rickshaw or Pedicab

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What is China pedicab and rickshaw?

Travel China Rickshaw Pedicab

The rickshaw is a traditional vehicle, which was popular in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai almost a hundred years. Now modern rickshaw ride is a good way, the old culture of Beijing hutongs (alleys) to discover. There are thousands of hutongs in Beijing. Shichahai area is famous with a high density of traditional hutongs. There is good historical landscape in Xicheng, where tens of Hutongs together, known as picturesque. The rickshaw in Beijing are painted a golden yellow color. After paying an agreed sum, the rickshaw will take you through the narrow streets. Most rickshaw drivers can give their passengers a detailed explanation of the history and culture of the hutongs, but can not all in English. There may also spoke guides speaking English, Japanese and other languages.

The pedicab and rickshaw terms are often used interchangeably by foreigners in China, but refer to two different modes – not one exists. The rickshaw (in) famous was a bicycle, has two poles at the front where the operator taken when walking or running passengers to their destination. This in the late 19 Century, but increased gradually phased out until 1950. Videos of the Western elites play polo on rickshaws driven by Chinese workers presented the exploitative nature of the rickshaws. A distant relative of the rickshaw can still be seen when small daily in less developed cities or meet with their carts rickshaw-like every morning, waiting for job offers construction materials, coal or other matters. The rickshaw has been replaced by bicycle rickshaws – a transport vehicle with three wheels like a bicycle.

Travel china Pedicab

In some medium-sized cities, rickshaws are a convenient way to travel short distances. Sanlunche (三轮车), the Chinese term for both pedals and motor rickshaws are used are ubiquitous in China’s rural and least developed countries (that is, the less touristy) areas of large cities. Negotiations on the price in advance is a must.

Rickshaws are found at certain centers of communication and China travel hotspots. Rate rickshaws are often higher than prices for taxis, especially during the holidays for the heavy traffic of motor vehicles, negotiate an exact price before boarding. Under normal conditions, the tour is 2:30 with a price of about CNY200 per person with a professional guide.

Try to choose a rickshaw to motorized traffic. They help the company stay really low and maintaining some of its traditional charm of China.

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