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Chenghuangmiao Market

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Shanghai God’s Temple Market

Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market also called City God Temple Markets is the most often go places in Shanghai for cheap purchase everyday small things.

Chenghuangmiao Market

Chenghuangmiao Market

The Chenghuangmiao Market is located in Shanghai‘s old town surrounded by ancient Chinese buildings. The complex consists of tourist and shopping areas. It is known as a “paradise for tourists” to get handicrafts, small commodities and to try the Shanghai local snacks. The shopping area has expanded from its former 18,000 square meters to 80,000 square meters. The shops known in the past as “a kingdom of small commodities” are now also selling large and medium commodities and special noted for their complete collection of tourist souvenirs with local feature. The newly erected buildings are featured of “antique exterior but modern interior” harmonizing with the original scenic sights and offsetting each other.

God’s Temple Fuyou small commodity market in Shanghai

Shanghai Town God’s Temple Fuyou small commodity market is located in Shanghai Town God’s Temple Fuyou Road No. four hundred and twenty-seven, Henan Road, is located in Town God’s Temple Fuyou Road small commodity the famous street, along the Fuyou road about one hundred and twenty meters long, was completed in 2001 November, Shanghai is currently Town God’s Temple’s largest small commodity city often Fuyou office door leading from Zhejiang Yiwu private entrepreneur Teng Yongwei and WAN Xia Real Estate Company invested 250000000 yuan and Shanghai Simon Group joint development and construction, Shanghai is the first by the Yiwu investment management in Yiwu, Yiwu, mode of operation of Small Commodity City, Chang Yiwu is known as “China Commodity city”.

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