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Beijing Feeling Travel Agency offer travel agency with Beijing China Ground operators price and ground arrangement service and guide you travel beijing – this cultural and historical Beijing city. Beijing Feeling Travel Company provide you different themes of beijing tours with high quality and good price that easy for your Beijing travel. There are Beijing Yourth Travel ; Beijing Kids Travel ; Beijing Culture Travel ; Beijing Great Wall Travel; Beijing Night Travel; Beijing Religion Travel; Beijing Kung Fu Travel; Beijing Ski Travel ; Beijing Panda Travel; Beijing Hiking Travel; Beijing Xian Travel ; Beijing Bus Travel;

beijing travel agency

If the Beijing Travel Agency listed Beijing Tours here is not what you like,or you have any good suggestion,please contact our Beijing China trip advisor or Email: to organize for you the customized Beijing trip for your Beijing Travel.

Beijing Travel Package

Join a Beijing Package Tour by Beijing Feeling Travel Agency to visit the top Beijing attractions.

Beijing Private Travel

Beijing Private Tour : You only have one day’s time in Beijing, but you want to see all the places then you can join our Beijing Feeling Private Beijing Travel. You can travel the most popular Forbidden City and Great Wall.

Travel Beijing Great Wall

beijing great wall travel service

beijing great wall travel service

Like a huge dragon, Beijing Great Wall across the desert, grassland, downwind mountains and plateau, stretching about 8,851.8 km (55 miles) northeast of China, from east to west. The Great Wall of Beijing China, one of the greatest wonders of the world and was listed as a China world heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

Travel Beijing Badaling Great Wall

Beijing Badaling Great Wall Tour – Badaling was the earliest section to be opened to the tourists among all the parts of the whole Great Wall and now is the most famous one home and abroad.

Travel Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall Tour : Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall is considered as the most beautiful section in Beijng . Unlike the other five sections, the mountain in this area full of Chestnut, Walnut, apple as well as many other fruit trees, has a very pretty view all year round.

Travel Beijing Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall Tour : Beijing Simatai Great Wall in Miyun County features many aspects including a strategic pass, being carpeted by a dense growth of foliage, strange mirages, superb craftsmanship excelling nature panorama.

Looking for a Beijing Local Travel Agency ? beijing travel agency email Beijing Feeling Travel Service

beijing bus travel service

beijing bus travel service

Travel Beijing By Bus

Beijing Bus Tour, Beijing Coach Tour : Seat in bus with a group of tourist travel to beijing that is your beijing feeling.

Travel Beijing By Day

Beijing Day Tour Itinerary from one day beijing tour to eight days beijing tour to visit Tiananmen SquareForbidden CitySummer Palacethe Temple of Heaven

Travel Beijing One Day

Beijing One Day Tour : Boating in the river, on the way to summer palace, I am feeling the breeze. It is nice, peace and silence. All of my memories just stop at here – My Beijing Feeling One Day Beijing Travel

Travel Beijing Two Days

Beijing 2 Days Tour : Beijing has been the Imperial Capital for more than 600 years. It is the living place for the Jade Dragon Emperor. Beijing Feeling guides you into 2 days beijing trip to know more about the city of Beijing.

beijing travel service

Beijing Travel Service

Travel Beijing Three Days

3 Days Beijing Tour : Travel Beijing by Beijing Local Travel Agency 3 days beijing tour. Good Beijing 3 day itinerary + Good Beijing Travel Service.

Travel Beijing Four Days

Beijing 4 Days Tour :   Travel in Beijing 4 Days by  Beijing Feeling Travel Agency 4 Days Beijing Tour.

Travel Beijing Five Days

Beijing 5 Days Tour :   Travel in Beijing 5 Days by Beijing Feeling Travel Agency 5 Days Beijing Tour.

Travel Beijing Six Days

Beijing 6 Days Tour : Travel Beijing 6 Days by Beijing Feeling Travel Agency 6 Days Beijing Tour.

Travel Beijing Seven Days

Beijing 7 Days Tour : Travel Beijing 7 Days by Beijing Feeling Travel Agency 7 Days Beijing Tour.

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Travel Beijing City

beijing travel agency

beijing travel agency

Beijing City is one of the six ancient cities in China. Beijing City has been the heart and soul of China. Travel Beijing City by Beijing City Tour throughout the Beijing city long history and harvest an unparalleled wealth of discovery to delight the Beijing travelers as they explore Beijing’s ancient past and exciting modern development.

Beijing Local Travel

Travel Beijing by Beijing Local Tour Agency, with beijing local tour guide and beijing local driver to see the beijing local people and beijing local sightseeing.    Feel the Beijing City by Beijing Feeling Travel Agency.

Travel Beijing Hutong

Beijing Hutong Tour : Shichahai area is a centraly preserved zone showcasing the life of old Beijing. Lama Temple is the largest and the best preserved lamasery in beijing.If you look down at Coal Hill Park by satellite, it is just like a buddha sit cross his`s legs…

Beijing Night Travel

Beijing Night Tour : Beijing night Legend of kung Fu show or Beijing Chun yi Show focuses on a young boy found wondering outside an ancient temple somewhere in China, who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. After the day’s sightseeing, Beijing nightlife has more to offer! You can see the Peking Opera , Beijing acrobatics ,and Kung Fu show in beijing.

Beijing Olympic Travel

Beijing Olympic Tour : Beijing Olympic Games has concluded by the year 2008. Join a Beijing olympic tour, to see Bird’s nest (the Beijing National Stadium), to swim in the Water Cube (the National Aquatics Centre), A visit to the Beijing Olympic Green sitting at the north end of the Beijing city’s axis is an eye-opener for your Beijing travel.

beijing travel company

beijing travel service

Beijing Village Travel

Beijing Village Tour : Beijing CuanDiXia village located 90 kilometers/55miles away from downtown Beijing, it is considered as a “pearl” of the traditional village of China. Cuan Di Xia has a rich history, first established more than 500 hundred years ago to the time of the Ming(1368-1644).

Beijing Culture Travel

Go to the Hutong join the local people life, cook with them , eat with them that is the best way to enter into local Beijing culture.

Travel Beijing Golf Club

Beijing Golf Tour : Beijing International Golf Club has a total area of up to 1000,000 square meters, with a length of 6986 yard, 18 holes and par 72. As the first course in Beijing, it was opened in 1986. Many famous golf matches were held here.
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Beijing Sightseeing Travel

Beijing Sightseeing Tour : Beijing has beautiful sightseeing and the friendly ethnic peoples and rich cultures with a long history. Beijing Feeling Travel Agent Beijing photography travel offers an excellent value for traveling photographer.

travel agency in Beijing

travel agency Beijing

Travel Beijing Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, called Gu Gong in China, was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now known as the Palace Museum, it is the world’s largest palace complex and covers 74 hectares. Surrounded by a six meter deep moat and a ten meter high wall are 9,999 rooms.

Travel Beijing Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace is the best preserved and largest imperial gardens in Beijing China.

Travel Beijing Ming Tomb

Beijing Ming Tomb Tour : There are 13 Chinese Ming dynasty tombs in Beijing. we call the 13 ming tombs : the Beijing Ming Tomb. Only the Changling tomb and Dingling tombs are open to the public, among the 13 Beijing ming tombs.

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