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Xian is legendary as “the capital of their own table.” The old city is famous for the delicious Shaanxi snack, delicate Guangdong cuisine, various kinds of fashion foreign delicacies, and popular Sichuan cuisine, such as Hot Pot famous.

Xian Food

Xian Dining

Xian Dining

Visitors Xian must do two things: one is the terra cotta terracotta warriors and horses to see. The other is Yang Rou Pao Mo (a soup dish, including the breaking of the bread flour in a shallow dish and add a delicious mutton stock) taste. Before dinner is served one or two slices of wheat bread shell into small pieces, the more the better. The waiter or waitress then you can cook your pelvis into the soup mixture on bread and mutton with an appropriate taste. When the meal is introduced to hot steam, the server also gives you the sweet crisp pickled garlic, coriander and paprika sauce. The most famous is the Tong Sheng Xiang (Prosperity and wealth) beef and lamb Paomo restaurant is the Tang Dynasty-style, a secular institution in Xian Bell and Drum Tower Square.
One of the most famous specialties is the Guan Tang Xian Baozi (small steamed buns served with sauces inside) served at Jia Brothers Restaurant in Muslim Snack Street. You know you’re there when you see the monstrous blue arch over the entrance and a wall adorned with photos of Xian notables -. Host TV, writers and musicians, the specialty court Guan Tang Bao Zi with a choice of beef, lamb, or “three flavors -. lamb, mushrooms and shrimp, the rolls are steaming soup inside is cautious, so this dish at best bottom Ba Bao Xi Fan, a bowl of sweet rice porridge washed with. filled with peanuts, raisins, hawthorn, loquat and berries.

Fanya is the supplier of the most famous snack eaten Shaanxi, Rou Jia Mo, filled with finely chopped pork bread wheat pita bread. A piece of good quality (Youzhai) of bread and a bowl of mung bean flour soup will cost you more than 10 yuan. The state atmosphere is quaint and friendly, and the numerous awards that decorate the walls are well deserved. The restaurant is in a lane opposite the Drum Tower, south of Main Street West.

A fascinating lure for gourmets Street Snacks is local (Muslim Street), near the Drum Tower Square Muslim. On both sides of the road for 500 meters, there are many restaurants of different cuisines, unique snack. While enjoying true Muslim cuisine, tourists can learn the customs of the Hui people.

Besides Guan Tang Jia Baozi in Brothers”Restaurant, there is a barbecue in the store Pingwe Kaorou, cabbage and beef fried rice Hong Hong Suances Chaom restraint, beef and noodles in Yifenli restaurant. Other offerings, including fried persimmon cake (Shi Zi Bing), fried dumplings (Guo Tie), fried bean jelly (chao liang FEN), minced lamb meat in a wok fried with finely ground wheat (FEN Zheng rou) and beef and vegetable pie xian ( bing) on both sides of the street available.

If all food at the same time a budget meal offers Xian Restaurant (Xian Fan Zhuang) taste more than 100 varieties in its first phase, self-service restaurant. It loads only CNY18 per person and is very popular with visitors.

Xian Restaurants Dining

As the center of northwest China, Xian offers a wide range of specialty chemicals table, along with local and traditional cuisine.

Canton Kitchen Dining: Grand Hong Kong Abalone Shark Fin Restaurant, fresh tenders based Navy famous for the authentic taste of seafood, a service of high quality and size of the area.
Address: 3, Lu Gaoxin, Erhuan Nan Xian
Average cost per person: 100 yuan
Opening times: 9.00 to 21.00 clock

Zijinghua Dining (Bauhinia Blakensis) Seafood Restaurant is in the southern suburbs of the city specializes in seafood, Canton and Sichuan cuisine, and the Canton night tea at competitive prices.
Address: 249, Hanguang Lu Tang Cheng Hotel next to the north.
Opening times: 11h00-22h30.

Yuezhen Xuan Dining
Address: 1 / F & 2 / F, 142, Hanguang Dasha, Lu Nan Huancheng
Average cost per person: about 60 to 100 yuan
Another branch of the Yuezhen Xuan is at the northern entrance Dianzi Buxing Jie (Dianzi pedestrian zone) in High-Tech Zone.

Tang Dynasty Palace Restaurant (tang dynasty show xian) is famous for the traditional cuisine of the Canton and the dance of the Tang style after dinner, which is popular with foreign tourists. Each time 20:30, the restaurant-style tea at midnight Guangzhou.
Address: 75 Chang’an Lu Xian
Opening times: 11:00 to 22:00

In addition to Tong Sheng Xiang a great restaurant, De Fa Chang Dumpling’s Restaurant, with its own version of the event area. Chausson ingredients for the dumpling fillings different kinds of meat, vegetables and spices mentioned. Cooking methods are steaming, boiling, frying pan, frying and roasting. Many flavors are offered, including salty, sweet, spicy and sour. Other specialties of the house Peking dumplings, steamed bean paste buns, steamed shrimp paste sandwiches and various tasty dishes unique. While guests enjoy a variety of specialties, traditional cuisine servers explain the culture of each dumpling.

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